Summer 2024 State, County and Local Fellowships:

Frosh are especially encouraged to apply to state, county, and local fellowships; every year, a significant proportion of our state/local fellows have been frosh!

  1. San José Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Services, Parks Division – San José, CA
  2. California Department of Education, Analysis, Measurement, and Accountability Reporting Division (AMARD)
  3. Santa Clara County Office of Reentry Services – San José, CA
  4. Office of State Senator Josh Becker
  5. End Poverty in California
  6. City of San José Office of the City Auditor – San José, CA
  7. City of San José Office of Digital Privacy – San José, CA
  8. Santa Clara County Department of Public Health
  9. Bay Conservation and Development Commission
  10. City of Oakland, Department of Housing and Community Development – Oakland, CA
  11. Shultz Energy Fellowships: California Air Resources Board, Freight Technology Advancement Branch (FTAB) – Sacramento, CA
  12. Shultz Energy Fellowships: California Energy Commission, Office of Commissioner Noemí Gallardo – Sacramento, CA
  13. Shultz Energy Fellowships: California Independent System Operator, Resource Assessment and Planning – Folsom, CA
  14. Shultz Energy Fellowships: California Department of Water Resources, Division of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) – Sacramento, CA
  15. EPIC: California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, Strategic Growth Council – Sacramento, CA
  16. EPIC: California State Lands Commission – Sacramento, CA
  17. EPIC: California Air Resources Board – Office of Community Air Protection (CARB-OCAP) – Riverside, CA or Sacramento, CA
  18. EPIC: California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) – Sacramento, CA
  19. EPIC: San Francisco Department of the Environment – San Francisco, CA
  20. EPIC: California State Water Resources Control Board, Office of Information Management and Analysis – Sacramento, CA
  21. EPIC: California Ocean Protection Council – Sacramento, CA

Applying for the first time? Check out our sample application materials HERE!

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