Summer 2023 Fellow: N/A

Office Description:

EPIC aims to end poverty in California by elevating the voices of people experiencing it, creating and implementing bold policies rooted in their needs, and advancing a state agenda focused on equal opportunity for all.

All of our current and future efforts will help change the narrative about poverty from one based on lies and stereotypes, to an authentic narrative based on the strengths, assets, and lived experiences of individuals and communities.

Led by Michael Tubbs, we conduct listening sessions throughout the state to hear the stories and ideas of people living in poverty, and help educate the public and policymakers. We also provide platforms for people to tell their own stories to help heal feelings of shame and stigma, increase agency, enable political action, and ultimately, change the narrative. And we collaborate with partners and lawmakers in order to develop a shared policy agenda focused on poverty elimination that centers the wisdom we hear from our partners and from Californians across the state during our listening sessions.

Description of the Work

EPIC is happy to announce several internship and fellowship opportunities for 2024. Our internship/fellowship opportunities are open to students across industries and sectors. As an early-stage non-profit, our interns and fellows will lead and support projects that address a wide variety of activities including research, powerbuilding and community engagement, program design and development, systems development, marketing and communications. Specific opportunities offered in 2024 include: Election Year Research and Planning (Research); Anti-Poverty Policy Research (Research); Statewide Policy & Powerbuilding Convening (Strategy and Project Management).

Interns will have the opportunity to travel to EPIC’s listening sessions or legislative hearings, although such engagements are not mandatory. EPIC will cover the cost of travel as needed. Otherwise, work will be remote.

Desired Skills, Experience, and Coursework:

Candidates will demonstrate the following values, skills, and competencies:

  • Unwavering belief in the EPIC’s mission.
  • Demonstrated commitment to disrupting the status quo, which perpetuates wealth inequality, gender oppression, and systemic racism.
  • Experience working closely with others, taking initiative and being resourceful, and managing multiple work streams.
  • Background or interest in project management, research, writing, community engagement, communications and social media.
  • Background or interest in the areas of housing, safety net, worker empowerment, wealth-building, and/or criminal justice.

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