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Christopher Maximos


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Christopher Maximos (’23) studies political science, symbolic systems, and international security at Stanford. After three years within the programming branch, he is incredibly excited to oversee SIG’s entire portfolio of programs, fellowships, and civic engagement opportunities. Outside of the classroom, he is the director of operations for Democracy Day, a research assistant for Marietje Schaake, and a producer for Faces of the Community. In his free time, he enjoys watching figure skating, listening to true crime podcasts, and baking. 




Evian Jiang

Vice Chair, Operations

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Evian Jiang (’24) studies political science and economics. Originally from the Bay Area, Evian has interests in international security, American foreign policy, and international law. She was previously the Director of Community Service for SIG. Outside of SIG, Evian is involved with the Cardinal Policy Group, the International Rescue Committee, and research regarding nuclear weapons safety, cybersecurity, and international law. In her free time, she enjoys tennis, hiking, and playing piano.  


Chris Badillo

Co-Director of Community Inclusion and Belonging

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Christopher Badillo (’25) is a sophomore interested in studying Sociology with a minor in Education. In his role with SIG, Chris hopes to focus on creating a space within SIG that brings together students from across backgrounds, encapsulating the true diversity of Stanford’s public service community. Applying experience from community organizing, political campaigns, and creating a student fellowship in a School Board office back home in Miami, Chris brings his passion for developing equitable systems and empowering future service leaders to the SIG community. Outside of SIG, you can find Chris consuming obscene amounts of coffee, editing exclamation marks out of his emails, and endlessly researching interesting/random political campaigns across the nation. He is dedicated to supporting all of SIG’s members—present and future—and encourages you to reach out with thoughts or questions about SIG and our community!


Emily Handsel

Co-Director of Community Inclusion and Belonging 

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Emily Handsel (’24) is a junior studying Political Science. Last year, she was the co-director of StanfordVotes, and she is so excited to spearhead SIG’s community-building efforts in her role this year. She is from Tampa, Florida and has experience working in grassroots organizing and political campaigns.


Elizabeth Evers

Director of University Partnerships 

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Elizabeth Evers (’25) is a sophomore from San Francisco, CA and is the youngest of three sisters. She intends to study a combination of Human Biology, Public Policy, and Human Rights. During her freshman year, Elizabeth was a member of the SIG Community Service Committee (now Service Programs). She has worked as a research assistant at the Center on Democracy, Development and Rule of Law and the Center for Health Policy. This coming school year, she looks forward to hosting events with centers and groups on campus, creating resources for Stanford students to navigate public service opportunities, and working with committee members to craft the foundation and future of University Partnerships. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and backpacking, spending time with her dog Buster, and going to see live music!


Chelsea Cho

Director of Finances

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Chelsea Cho (’25) is a sophomore majoring in Symbolic Systems and minoring in Classics. She is passionate about antitrust policy and legislation. She spent last summer at the London School of Economics and political Science and working for a WOC-owned sustainability fund. She previously served on SIG’s Data and Analytic Team after joining in her freshman year. In her free time, she dances for the Stanford ballet company and enjoys going on walks, traveling, and watching the Big Four Fashion weeks from her bed. Chelsea is excited to support SIG’s endeavors this year to help the SIG community thrive.


Andrew Conkey

Director of Analytics

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Andrew Conkey (’23) is a senior studying economics and math while also pursuing a coterm in CS. He is in his second year of leading SIG’s analytics operation, and he previously oversaw faculty relations for SIG. Andrew has spent past summers worked on education in the GSE and economic development at the Millennium Challenge Corporation. He’s excited to be spending this Summer working for an e-commerce analytics startup in India, following a quarter of study abroad in Santiago, Chile. In the long term, he hopes to get a Ph.D in economics and work in both policy and research roles. In his free time, he enjoys playing spikeball, reading, and hanging out with friends.


Sarina Deb

Vice Chair, Communications

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Sarina Deb (’23) is a senior majoring in political science and minoring in psychology and human rights. Sarina joined SIG her freshman year, and has since served as the Director of Public Policy Forum and the Director of Special Events. She is passionate about public service, specifically in the areas of criminal justice reform and gender equity, and has interned for Senator Cory Booker, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, The King Center for Global Development, the Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project, and California Appellate Project to develop these passions. Outside of SIG, Sarina is involved with the Stanford ACLU and The Daily and loves to practice her instruments and play with her dogs, Logan and Luna.


Andrew Gerges

Director of Alumni Relations

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Andrew Gerges (’25) is a sophomore from Torrance, California and is likely studying Economics and International Relations. He was part of the Fellowships & Stipends branch his freshman year and enjoyed this introduction to SIG. Andrew is very excited for this year in his role at SIG and hopes to work to create a SIG community that spans decades and lasts well beyond your time at Stanford. In his free time, he enjoys playing videogames he’s made fun of for, like Civilization VI or Cities: Skylines, in addition to the generic answers of reading, writing, and exploring the Bay Area. Ask him about anything history, culture, or, SIG. He’s very open for conversation and looks forward to helping build a closer-knit SIG!


Lauren Howe

Co-Director of Technology & Social Media

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Lauren Howe (‘24) is a junior majoring in International Relations. This is Lauren’s first year with SIG, and she’s thrilled to bring a portfolio of social media marketing experience to the role. You can usually find Lauren talking about growing up in Australia, her year spent at Oxford, upcoming quarter in Florence, and obsessing over all the foods she misses from the many places she’s been lucky to call home. When not obsessing over analytics and marketing, you can find Lauren proudly wearing the Stanford “S” as a member of the Stanford Lightweight Rowing Team, spreading the word about Stanford University Dance Marathon, and working with Social Events for Athletes.


Hana Doueiri

Co-Director of Technology & Social Media

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Hana Doueiri ‘25 is a sophomore in the Castaño residence and is thinking about majoring in Political Science and minoring in Education. Hana is passionate about educational reform, especially in elementary and special education spaces. Hana hopes to be a teacher and is looking forward to helping with comms this year!


Amy Chang

Director of Design

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Amy Chang (‘25) is a sophomore from San Francisco planning to major in computer science. Design is her hobby, and she has over four years of experience designing for various student and hobbyist groups. Through her role, Amy plans to improve SIG’s design cohesion and continue to create an aesthetically pleasing experience for all who interact with SIG materials.


Mac Simpson

Vice Chair, Programming

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Mac Simpson (’23) is a senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Human Biology. He has been in SIG since his freshman year, and has held prior positions including the Co-Director of the Special Events and the Co-Director of Policy Dinners. This past summer, he worked at the Department of Defense, specifically focusing on international cooperation. In his free time, Mac enjoys playing tennis, cooking, traveling, and hanging out with friends.

Isabelle Coloma

Isabelle Coloma

Co-Director of Academic Programs

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Isabelle Coloma (’24) is a junior studying International Relations with Economics and Translation minors. Isabelle is passionate about issues of equality in law, political economy, historical memory, and language! She joined the Public Policy Forum freshman year and found SIG to be a highly collaborative and innovative space to pursue issues, ranging from civic culture to tech policy. Now in this role, she hopes to continue facilitating engaging policy conversations as well as career development discussions to encourage interest in public service. Outside of SIG, she enjoys watching travel cooking shows and exploring the language collections at Green Library!

thumbnail_Avinash Thakkar

Avi Thakkar

Co-Director of Academic Programs

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Avinash Thakkar (’25) is a sophomore from Baltimore, Maryland, with interests in economics and philosophy. This year, he will help coordinate SIG’s courses available to the larger student body. With his passions for academia and the art of pedagogy, Avinash aims to foster meaningful conversations regarding governmental and societal policies that impact millions of people in the United States and billions abroad. He is driven by the core belief that with diverse and respectful inter-community dialogue, we can bridge our divides and help uplift and unify humankind. To this end, he aims to contribute to the development and implementation of academic programs on campus that offer a platform for students to appreciate novel perspectives and, in turn, make an impact on their communities and the world.


Ian Sills

Co-Director of Special Events

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Ian Christian Galvez Sills (‘23) is a senior studying economics. He has long held interests in economic and foreign policy. Growing up in a bicultural household in Northern California, Ian developed a deep appreciation for the diversity of both the natural and human environments around him. At Stanford, Ian has researched the financial implications of climate change on U.S. mortgage portfolios and the historical impacts of bank runs on emerging markets. Outside of Stanford, Ian has worked with the U.S. House of Representatives, California State Legislature, California Department of Education, and global asset manager BlackRock. Ian previously held the position of Director of Public Policy Forums in Stanford in Government.


Divya Ganesan

Co-Director of Special Events

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Divya Ganesan (’25) is a sophomore passionate about the intersection of policy and technology. She is pursuing a double major in Computer Science and International Relations. At Stanford, Divya is a researcher with Stanford’s Gordion Knot Center for Defense Innovation, a student government representative, and a proud member of the Stanford Bhangra team. She is an avid advocate for cross-partisan discourse and civic engagement, interning for campaigns founding Real Talk a civic engagement non profit, and facilitating dialogue from the Palo Alto city council to the United Nations.


Gabby Crooks

Co-Director of Service Programs

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Gabby Crooks (’23) is a senior majoring in International relations and minoring in Human Rights. She is thrilled to be joining the Service Programs team. Outside of SIG, Gabby is a Cardinal Service peer advisor at the Haas Center, a BOSP Ambassador for the Florence program, and is writing an honors thesis regarding the World Bank and its accountability mechanisms. Passionate about international human rights, Gabby has spent her past two summers at the Accountability Counsel and UNHCR advocating for marginalized communities on a global scale. She’s thrilled to apply her passion and experience for public service to SIG this year! Ask Gabby about Wordle, studying and working abroad, and student advocacy!

Enkhjin Munkhbayar — Picture

Enkhjin Munkhbayar

Co-Director of Service Programs

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Enkhjin Munkhbayar (’25) is a sophomore from Mongolia interested in data science and international relations. During her first year at Stanford, she was a committee member of the Service Programs team. As a Co-Director now, she is excited to work with new committee members to connect Stanford volunteers to nonprofits with a need for assistance.

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Emma Barrosa

Co-Director of the Public Policy Forum (PPF)

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Emma Barrosa (‘25) studies International Relations, focusing on international security and European affairs. Outside of SIG, Emma organizes speaker events with Stanford Women in Law and works at the Stanford Basic Income Lab. This past summer, Emma conducted research on the laws of armed conflict with Professor Sagan at CISAC. In her free time, you can find Emma trail running in the hills or hanging out at Outdoor House.

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Lindsey McKhann

Co-Director of the Public Policy Forum (PPF)

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Lindsey McKhann (’25) is studying International Relations, Human Rights, and Data Science and works for Stanford’s Center for Human Rights and International Justice. Prior to her freshman year, Lindsey worked as a field organizer and congressional intern for her home state of Minnesota. This past summer, she interned for the New York City Economic Development Corporation, where she served on the Partnerships team to develop multi-sector alliances to advance a more inclusive economy. She is deeply passionate about progressive coalition building and racial justice. Lindsey also plays the tenor saxophone in the Stanford Jazz Orchestra, serves on the board of Society for International Affairs at Stanford (SIAS), competes on the Model UN Team, staffs Stanford Model UN Conference, and leads camping trips for Stanford Pre-Orientation Trips. She looks forward to an exciting year full of wowing PPF presentations, getting out the vote, and SIG love <3

Fellowships & Stipends


Brandon Ma

Vice Chair, Fellowships & Stipends

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Brandon Ma (’23) studies economics and political science. In his fourth year in the Fellowships and Stipends Committee, he is excited to continue expanding SIG’s mission to provide meaningful public service opportunities for Stanford students. Brandon has previously worked in local and state government as well as consulting. Outside of SIG, he enjoys cooking, running, and playing fighting games. 


Erik Bradley

Director of State & Local Fellowships

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Erik Bradley (’25) is a sophomore from Seattle interested in the intersections of governance, medicine, and engineering. Erik joined SIG in his freshman year as a member of the Fellowships & Stipends and Special Events committees. He is eager to support creativity, leadership, and vision in local government and public service. He looks forward to another fantastic year with Stanford in Government!


Karsen Wahal

Director of National Fellowships

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Karsen Wahal (’25) is double majoring in Economics and Mathematical and Computational Science (MCS). He’s excited to expand Stanford’s public service opportunities and form a strong community within his team. He has previously worked in the U.S. Senate and for government agencies like the Millennium Challenge Corporation. He’s passionate about reducing poverty and improving the quality of political participation. In his free time, Karsen enjoys reading the news, walking around campus, and spending time with friends and his dog, Bella.


Angeline Yu

Director of International Fellowships

she / her




Angeline Yu (’25) is a sophomore from Sammamish, Washington. Angeline’s public service interests are deeply rooted in health and education equity, as she also serves on Stanford APAMSA’s Health Education Committee. She has experience organizing and leading campaigns on the local, state, and national level, and served as a field organizer on WA Representative Dr. Kim Schrier’s (D-WA-08) 2020 Congressional re-election campaign. Angeline was also a national fellow for the Progressive Turnout Project and most recently worked as a Fundraising and Account Management Intern at a political consulting firm. In her free time, she loves exploring the outdoors and frequenting homey, cozy coffee shops. Outside of SIG, Angeline works as a research assistant in Stanford Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry, is a Haas Public Service Scholar, and competes for the Stanford Equestrian Team.


Bilen Essayas

Director of Stipends

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Bilen Essayas (’23) is a rising senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Data Science. She joined the Fellowships and Stipends committee her freshman year and has thoroughly enjoyed growing the Stipends Program. This past winter, she studied abroad in Oxford, where she developed a game theoretic model and explored its policy implications. She also has experience working in health policy and spent this past summer at a private equity firm. In her free time, Bilen enjoys long walks and playing the viola.

Nadia Jo

Nadia Jo

Director of Outreach

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Nadia Jo (’23/’24) is a junior studying Political Science and Creative Writing, and she’s been a member of Stanford in Government since 2019. Nadia is also a writer/editor at The Stanford Daily, a Cardinal Service Peer Advisor, and a Resident Assistant. She is interested in the intersection of politics, law, and online content moderation. She has interned at both public and private legal and legislative organizations. You can find Nadia watching the NBA, playing cello, or writing album/movie reviews in her free time.


Kate Tully

Director of Faculty Relations

she / her


Kate Tully (’25) is a sophomore studying political science and international relations. Kate’s undergraduate research focuses on humanitarian aid efforts, trends in global populism and democratic development. She is passionate about gender equity and is on the national organizer for the organization Know Your IX which empowers students to end sexual violence at their collegiate institutions. Kate is from Sacramento, California. In her free time, Kate likes reading, learning languages and watching Lord of the Rings.


Cameron Lange

Cameron Lange

Vice Chair, Stanford Votes

she / her


Cameron Lange (’24) is a junior from Los Angeles majoring in Political Science and Philosophy. Through her work with StanfordVotes, she hopes to continue advocating for pro-voter policy and fostering a campus culture that valorizes civic engagement. Outside of SIG, Cameron can be found going to the movies and spending outrageous amounts of money on lattes.


Isabelle Anzabi

Co-Director of Voter Education

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Isabelle Anzabi (’24) is a junior pursuing a major in Political Science and a minor in Psychology. She is passionate about voting rights and preserving the integrity of our elections. Isabelle is interested in the intersection between policy and technology, such as digital propaganda and disinformation campaigns. This year, she hopes to continue StanfordVotes’ voter registration efforts, increase voter accessibility to absentee ballots, and foster a culture of voter advocacy on campus! Isabelle enjoys putting her literary analysis skills to use by overanalyzing every film she watches. Her love for democracy runs so deeply that like the unofficial color of democracy, she will occasionally don a blue wig!


Lexi Kupor

Co-Director of Voter Education

she / her


Lexi Kupor (’25) is a sophomore and Bay Area native planning to study History and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Through her work with StanfordVotes, she looks forward to engaging with students on upcoming electoral initiatives and expanding student voting accessibility. After working with her local county government supervisors, advocating for bills in the state legislature, and volunteering for myriad campaigns, she’s excited to bring her passions for civic engagement to the StanfordVotes team. Outside of StanfordVotes, Lexi assists with research at the Clayman Institute, hikes the dish, and chugs Coupa chai.


Emma Buday

Director of Civic Programs

she / her


Emma Buday (’24) is a junior studying International Relations, hoping to pursue a career in climate policy. She holds a passion for promoting civic engagement and is incredibly excited to encourage students to become lifelong voters. Emma is also a Cardinal Quarter Peer Advisor at the Haas Center, and you will frequently find her on the couch in the BIRC. This summer she is interning for Energy Peace Partners, and spending copious amounts of time in and around Lake Michigan.


Emily Tianshi

Co-Director of Institutional Relations

she / her


Emily Tianshi (‘25) is a sophomore from San Diego, California interested in studying Symbolic Systems and International Relations. After an inspiring freshman year on the StanfordVotes team, she is excited to return as a director and help boost civic engagement on Stanford’s campus. Emily has researched misinformation surrounding elections as a policy intern at Stanford Internet Observatory’s Election Integrity Partnership. Emily is also passionate about environmental justice and is active in Students for a Sustainable Stanford and the Society for International Affairs at Stanford.

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Harry Katz

Co-Director of Institutional Relations

he / him


Harry Katz (’24) is a junior, majoring in American Studies with a focus on Appalachian labor history. Originally from Massachusetts, Harry now lives in rural Virginia with his family and the two strangest looking shelter dogs they could find. Outside of his work with Stanford Votes, Harry likes to spend his time hiking, playing guitar, and seeing how many free books he can take from the History Department at one time. He cares deeply about the democratic process and is excited to be part of the Stanford Votes team and help keep student voter registration high.

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