As a nonpartisan public service-focused organization, Stanford in Government (SIG) believes that civil and productive discourse is central to creating a culture of civic and political engagement on the Stanford campus. In our programming, SIG aspires to the following standards:

SIG pledges to:

  • Consider and consult the stakeholders involved in any event
  • Make good-faith efforts to represent diverse perspectives in SIG’s roster of events
  • Foster a home for civil and productive dialogue on campus


SIG asks any speaker or organization that wishes to partner with us to:

  • Facilitate civil and productive discourse on campus according to our code of conduct
  • Not publicly release personal identifying information (e.g. address, email, online accounts, phone number) of students without their consent
  • Not threaten or bring harm to the person or property of any community member


Code of Conduct for Civil and Productive Discourse:

  • No ad hominem attacks
  • Individuals are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts
  • Assume good intent and act with good intent

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