Stanford in Government is offering three service programs this quarter. Learn more about the projects below:

Support Living Wages for Teachers

The Teacher Salary Project is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to raising awareness around the impact of national policy that underpays and undervalues educators. This project includes developing a map for their website with data on teacher salaries by state, interviewing school districts that have implemented higher wages, and calling legislators to advocate for higher pay.  Learn more and sign up here.

Support Childhood Education in Mongolia

GerHub NGO is a nonprofit social enterprise that seeks to find innovative and creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. GerHub has three projects for volunteers. You can choose which project you would like to contribute to. Learn more and sign up here.

350 Bay Area Action Electoral Accountability Committee

The 350 Bay Area Action Electoral Accountability Committee is dedicated to holding our state and local representatives accountable for supporting crucial climate policies and programs. Learn more and sign up here.

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