1. World Wildlife Fund (Belize)
  2. California Governor’s Office of Planning & Research (Sacramento, CA)
  3. Environmental Defense Fund (San Francisco, CA)
  4. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board (Arlington, VA) – New in 2015
  5. Community Water Center (Sacramento, CA) – New in 2015
  6. Delta Stewardship Council (Sacramento, CA) – New in 2015
  7. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Washington, DC) – New in 2015


  1. Office of Congressman Xavier Becerra, D-CA (Washington, DC)
  2. Office of Congressman Matt Cartwright, D-PA (Washington, DC) – New in 2015
  3. California Department of Education (Office of Superintendent) (Sacramento, CA)
  4. California Department of Finance (Sacramento, CA)
  5. StudentsFirst (Sacramento, CA)
  6. Sunlight Foundation (Washington, DC)
  7. San Jose City Auditor’s Office (San Jose, CA)
  8. Office of Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian
  9. Office of Reentry Services-County Executive’s Office – New in 2015
  10. Office of Women’s Policy – New in 2015
  11. Office of Pretrial Services – New in 2015
  12. County of Marin Department of Health & Human Services – New in 2015
  13. Chicago Park District (Chicago, IL) – New in 2015

Human Rights/Civil Rights

  1. United Nations High Commission on Refugees – Shelter and Settlement Section (Geneva, Switzerland)
  2. United Nations High Commission on Refugees – Innovation Section (Geneva, Switzerland)
  3. United Nations High Commission on Refugees – Regional Office (Amman, Jordan) – New in 2015
  4. National Labor Relations Board (Washington, DC)


  1. Millennium Challenge Corporation (Washington, DC)
  2. New York City Economic Development Corporation (New York City, NY)
  3. Reserve Bank of India (Mumbai, India)
  4. The Carter Center (Atlanta, GA)
  5. Ministry of Finance and Economic Empowerment (Port Louis, Mauritius)
  6. Brookings Doha Center (Doha, Qatar)
  7. Inter-American Investment Corporation (Washington, DC)
  8. National Endowment for Democracy (Washington, DC)


  1. Center for Legislative Archives (Washington, DC)
  2. Library of Congress (Washington, DC)
  3. Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (Washington, DC)


  1. Military Division of Tropical Medicine (DC/South America)
  2. Santa Clara County Public Health Department – New in 2015
  3. Santa Clara Valley Medical Center – New in 2015


  1. Internews (Washington, DC)
  2. Internews (Bangkok, Thailand) – New in 2015
  3. Internews (Yangon, Myanmar) – New in 2015

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