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Stanford in Government is an active partner in Stanford’s Cardinal Quarter program which supports students to pursue full-time quarter-long service opportunities. This year Stanford University is supporting 487 students; and SIG is supporting 83. Exciting in 2017 are important partnership with Stanford’s top interdisciplinary institutes. Journey around the world to see where Stanford students are serving this summer at this link:


SIG Fellowships Awarded: 50

Includes partnerships with Precourt Institute for Energy and Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment that are further engaging students in Sacramento in partnership with SIG.

State and Local Fellowships: 22

DC National Fellowships: 15

Includes partnership with Freeman Spogli Institute to support students working at Department of State

International Fellowships: 13


SIG Stipends: 33

SIG Stipends are awarded to students with need who secure an unpaid government internship.


Total SIG awards for students to serve in the summer, made possible by generous SIG donors: $485,300


2017 Placements Include:


City of Stockton Mayor’s Office, Stockton, CA

San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, San Francisco, CA

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Brussels, Belgium

New York City Economic Development Corporation, New York, NY

Landesa Rural Development Institute, Seattle, WA

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