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Alexis Kallen ’18, is from Camarillo, California. She is majoring in Political Science and Gender Studies, and is currently serving as SIG’s inaugural Director of Community Service. 

In what ways has SIG contributed to your undergraduate experience on campus?

SIG has given me a solid community and a place to really take initiative, which has helped me find my place and identity at Stanford. SIG believed in my potential to be a leader on the Stanford campus, which I wasn’t sure I could actually be freshman year. Additionally, the people that I have met through SIG have really taught me a lot about myself and given me more of a passion for pursuing a job in government, since I would be surrounded by something similar to the SIG community.


Alexis at the White House in D.C. (image source: Alexis Kallen)

Alexis in Washington D.C.
(image source: Alexis Kallen)

As a leader in SIG, how do you see SIG making a difference on Stanford’s campus?

I think SIG is known to be one of the biggest, most inclusive organizations on campus, which caters to a multitude of majors from different departments. I think we put on many events that are welcoming to the Stanford community as a whole to provide a safe space where people can openly talk about different types of policy. I think this makes a difference, because it allows people to pursue their passions in policy and enter into a respectful community that fights apathy and looks for different ways to serve the public.


What was your most valuable takeaway from your summer internship with a SIG stipend?

Through a SIG stipend, I was able to spend last summer working on the Hill in Washington D.C. While in the office, I found an intense interest for the legal writing side of things and spent a good amount of time learning about the legal writing part of working in D.C. This experience really made me reflect upon my future career goals, and helped me realize my dream to eventually go to law school.

— Alexis Kallen

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