Summer 2023 Fellow: Justin West ’25

Office Description

The City of San José is a place where we use civic technology to help our community thrive.
As the 10th largest city in the nation, the City manages a large set of services and assets. The City
operates on a budget of $5 billion, with 7,000 employees serving 1+ million residents and 80,000
businesses in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Description of the Work

They will support City-wide efforts on digital privacy, data analytics, and racial equity, focusing on:

  • Supporting our Digital Privacy Office in implementing policy for AI technology in the City;
  • Supporting communication strategies to inform and educate residents about the technology used
    around them
  • Support developing and sharing best privacy and AI practices with other jurisdictions
  • Report on effectiveness and equity of priority technology used in the City, such as certain cameras,
    audio recorders, and other sensing technology

Desired Skills:

  • Experience conducting research on policy topics
  • Experience telling a story and making a policy recommendation using data
  • Interest in data privacy and AI, and relevant government regulations in CA and nationally
  • Interest in local government topics, such as resident data, transportation, access to resources and
    social programs
  • Experience developing or reviewing algorithms (e.g., predictive algorithms, computer vision, natural
    language processing, studying causality through statistics)
  • Strong communication skills – any experience in writing 1-page briefs, summaries, or memos
  • Competency in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel

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