Summer 2018 International Fellowships

  1. AccessNow – New York
  2. Brookings Doha Center – Doha, Qatar
  3. East Asia Institute – Seoul, Korea
  4. Ghana Center for Democratic Development – Accra, Ghana
  5. Instituto Atuação – Brazil
  6. Justice Centre – Hong Kong
  7. Trade & NAFTA Office – Washington, D.C.
  8. Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention – Zhejiang, China
  9. Taiwan Legislative Yuan — Congressman Jason Hsu’s Office
  10. United Nations High Commission on Refugees (Innovation) – Geneva, Switzerland


FSI Fellowships

The Freeman Spogli Institute also offers international-facing policy internships for undergraduates. Applications for these positions will be available separately through FSI here. You can see details of these internships below, and apply direct for any of them by clicking “APPLY HERE”.

  1. FSI: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) [APPLY HERE]
  2. FSI: Yangon School of Political Science [APPLY HERE]
  3. FSI: United States Pacific Command (USPACOM) [APPLY HERE]
  4. FSI: World Justice Project [APPLY HERE]
  5. FSI: The Office of Congresswoman Hanabusa [APPLY HERE]
  6. FSI: NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence [APPLY HERE]
  7. FSI: International Center for Defense and Security [APPLY HERE]
  8. FSI: National Institute for Research Advancement [APPLY HERE]
  9. FSI: The Asia Foundation, Washington, D.C. [APPLY HERE]
  10. FSI: The Asia Foundation, Jakarta [APPLY HERE]
  11. FSI: Institute for Economics and Peace [APPLY HERE]
  12. FSI: Nuclear Threat Initiative [APPLY HERE]
  13. FSI: Taiwan Foundation for Democracy [APPLY HERE]
  14. FSI: Tahrir Institute for Middle Eastern Policy [APPLY HERE]
  15. FSI: Experiencia Buenos Aires Internacional [APPLY HERE]
  16. FSI: Bruegel [APPLY HERE]
  17. FSI: Center for American Studies [APPLY HERE]
  18. FSI: Center for Experimental Economics in Education [APPLY HERE]
  19. FSI: Carnegie Tshingua Center [APPLY HERE]
  20. FSI: Carnegie India [APPLY HERE]
  21. FSI: European Council on Foreign Relations [APPLY HERE]
  22. FSI: Center for European Policy Studies [APPLY HERE]
  23. FSI: Economic Policy and Research Center [APPLY HERE]
  24. FSI: Carnegie Europe [APPLY HERE]
  25. FSI: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Group/European Parliament [APPLY HERE]
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