Our Board

Natasha Moolji


Natasha Moolji, '20, is the Chair of Stanford in Government. She is double majoring in Economics and Political Science, with a focus in Data Science and Political Economy & Development. She will be writing an honors thesis through the Center for Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law. Natasha began in SIG as a member of the International Fellowships team, which she directed during her sophomore year, and went on to co-lead the Stipends committee. She is passionate about sustainable and broad-based economic development, as well as using data to make policy more efficient. Last year, she interned for the World Bank, in the Development Impact Evaluation research group. Natasha encourages anyone to reach out to her about SIG, policy as public service, diversity and inclusion, or other topics. She's looking forward to a great year!

    Bryan Metzger

    Vice Chair of Communications

    Bryan Metzger '20 is the Vice Chair of Communications for Stanford in Government. Previously serving as the Director of Social Media and then the Director of History and Institutional Knowledge, Bryan has been a member of SIG since his freshman year. An international relations major and Arabic minor, he is passionate about international and domestic politics, international security, and the Middle East. He has interned in Latvia, studied Arabic in Jordan, served as the field director for a local state house campaign, and will be writing a thesis as part of the CISAC honors program this year. In his free time, he enjoys reading, travelling, and consuming as much falafel as humanly possible.

      Avery Pierce

      Vice Chair of Strategic Planning

      Avery Pierce, ’20, is the Vice Chair of Strategic Planning. Avery previously served as Co-Director of Stipends. She is majoring in International Relations with specializations in International Security and Global Economy and Development. On campus, Avery is a Stanford tour guide and President of the club water polo team. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and all outdoor activities including failing to learn how to surf.

        Ana Cabrera

        Vice Chair of Operations

        Ana Cabrera, '20, is the Vice Chair of Operations. Ana previously served as the Co-Director of Community Development, after joining SIG her freshman year as a member of the Public Policy Forum (PPF). She is majoring in Public Policy with a concentration on Educational Policy, and has passions for K-12 education, Cuban-US relations, and immigration policy. In her free time you can catch her trying to complete all her graduation requirements while brewing her Cuban espresso, advising everyone to study abroad, and hanging around Haus Mitt!

          Elena Crespo

          Vice Chair of Programming

          Elena is a graduating senior studying political science and human rights and is excited to be the vice chair of programming for the 2019-2020 academic year. She is fascinated by U.S. foreign policy and particularly enjoys studying instances of military intervention on humanitarian or political grounds. In the fall of her junior year, Elena did the Stanford in Washington program and worked to communicate alignments between public diplomacy programs and national security goals in the Policy office of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. During her summers, Elena has worked to understand and promote democratic culture at the municipal level at Insituto Atuação, a Brazilian civil society organization, as well as in the office of CA state assemblymember Todd Gloria. Most recently, Elena spent the summer in Myanmar studying the impact of social media disinformation on democratic institutions through a Freeman Spogli Institute fellowship. She is currently writing her thesis on the impacts of the U.S. transition from a conscript-based military to an all-volunteer force through the Center for International Security and Cooperation. On campus, Elena is also involved in Stanford Mock Trial and Ram’s Head Theatrical Society. In her spare time (lol) Elena likes to start but not finish Dickens novels, daydream about travel, and put soy sauce on her popcorn.

            Grace Romer

            Vice Chair of Fellowships and Stipends

            Grace Romer, '20, is excited to return as the Vice Chair Fellowships and Stipends for a second year. Grace previously served as the Co-director of Stipends and was on the State/Local Fellowships committee during her freshman year. She is majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in Public Health. When she’s not working at Haas, you can probably find her working as a campus tour guide or enjoying coffee with friends.

              Nate Braun

              Co-Director of the Public Policy Forum

              Nate Braun, ‘22, is one of the directors of Stanford in Government’s Public Policy Forum (PPF), along with his colleague Rachel Kim. Nate was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio (something he is quite talkative about). He is majoring in History and plans to pursue his master’s in Public Health. He also has aspirations to study civil rights law. He has interned for the global poverty non-profit The Borgen Project and for The Herking Law Firm. He also used to work as an Adoption Counselor at the Animal Adoption Foundation. In his free time he likes to aimlessly walk around campus (taking in the scenery), read about historical/political figures, and go on spontaneous adventures (hiking, trying new restaurants, driving to Toronto and meeting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a Greek food festival, you name it). He looks very forward to facilitating political discourse on campus this year and engaging students in meaningful conversations.

                Zac Stoor

                Co-Director of Stipends

                Zac Stoor, '22, is one of the Co-directors of Stipends. Zac is from a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He joined SIG in his frosh year where he was part of the State and Local Fellowships Committee. He's majoring in Political Science and minoring in Global Studies. Outside SIG he can be found with friends, practicing languages, or eating too many mozzarella sticks at late night.

                  Benjamin Wittenbrink

                  Director of Analytics

                  Benjamin Wittenbrink, Class of 2021, is the Director of Analytics. Benjamin was on the analytics committee last year. He is majoring in Economics and Mathematics and is interested in using quantitative methods to better understand economic and political issues.

                    Carolyn Chun

                    Co-Director of Community Development

                    Carolyn Chun, ’21, is the co-director of Community Development. She is a history major, with an interest in equitable development and rule of law. Carolyn spent the past summer on a SIG fellowship, working at the World Bank with a research group focused on improving public sector data. In her free time, she enjoys reading the New Yorker and doing the New York Times mini crossword.

                      Chase Small

                      Co-Director of Stanford Votes and the Community Service Committee

                      Chase Small, ‘22, is the Co-Director of Stanford Votes/Community Service Committee. Chase was a member of the committee last year and is excited to build off the progress made on voter registration in preparation for the 2020 elections. He is potentially majoring in International Relations and is interested in how diplomacy and foreign service can shape international cooperation around the global challenges of his generation. He conducted research this past summer with Dr. Colin Kahl at CISAC on the Obama Administration’s decision making in Syria. Outside of SIG, Chase enjoys surfing and playing the saxophone.

                        Rachel Kim

                        Co-Director of the Public Policy Forum

                        Rachel Kim, '22, is the Co-Director of the Public Policy Forum (PPF) . She was a member of PPF last year, and she is very excited to co-lead this year! Rachel plans to major in Economics with a possible minor in Political Science or Human Rights. This past summer, Rachel worked as an intern for the Orange County Public Defender's office. Her interests include health care policy, gun violence prevention, and socioeconomic mobility. In her free time, Rachel enjoys going to the beach, hiking, and singing.

                          Lauren Schlick

                          Director of Faculty Relations

                          Lauren Schlick, ‘22, is the Director of Faculty Relations. Lauren was a member of the National/D.C. Fellowships committee last year and is excited to continue serving as part of the Fellowships team by coordinating with our faculty mentors. She is planning to major in Psychology and Economics. This summer, Lauren conducted research on gender inequality in workspaces at the Clayman Institute, and she is passionate about research that addresses social and economic equality with real-world solutions. In her free time, you can find her playing Pokemon, making origami, and attempting to learn how to cook.

                            Jordan Payne

                            Co-Director of Community Development

                            Jordan Payne, '20, is co-director of Community Development this year for SIG, where she has been since her freshman year on SIG's Public Policy Forum (PPF). Jordan is a public policy major with a concentration in law and the legal system. Jordan is interested in social justice issues and particularly in criminal justice reform. While not planning SIG bonding events, you can find her FaceTiming her family in Miami to see her dog.

                              Rachel Ochoa

                              Director of Marketing

                              Rachel Ochoa, ‘22, is Director of Marketing and has been an active member in the Diversity and Outreach committee. She is passionate about Latin American foreign policy and economic development. She is planning to major in International Relations and Philosophy. On campus, she is currently a staff writer for The Stanford Daily and on the board for The Society of International Affairs. Rachel has previously interned for her California state assemblyman and local city councilmember. Her summers have been spent doing research on Latin America’s femicide and technology bias in Silicon Valley.

                                Katherine Waissbluth

                                Director of Social Media

                                Katherine Waissbluth, class of 2022, is a prospective Political Science major from Cincinnati, Ohio. She will be on the SIG board for social media! She is particularly passionate about environmentalist issues. Ask her about veganism and sustainable fashion! Katherine also loves snowboarding, Game of Thrones, Hasan Minhaj, watching videos of people making food, and SIG (of course).

                                  Ricky Rodriguez

                                  Co-Director of General Events

                                  Ricky Rodriguez, '22, is the Co-Director of General Events alongside Andrew Labbott. After joining the Fellowships and Stipends team his freshman year, he decided to focus on bringing different and interesting speakers to campus. He is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Symbolic Systems and Urban Studies, and is deeply interested in the psychology of politics and urban systems. He spent his past summer at the Emerson Collective working on nonprofit grantmaking.

                                    Sreeram Venkatarao

                                    Co-Director of Special Events

                                    Sreeram Venkatarao, '21, is the co-director of Special Events. Sreeram joined SIG his sophomore year by serving on the Policy Lunches committee. He is currently majoring in Computer Science with a focus in Artificial Intelligence. This past summer, Sreeram was a Software Engineering Intern in Infosys. This year, Sreeram is looking forward to hosting speakers who will bring a set of diverse perspectives on the issues America faces today and in the upcoming 2020 election. In his free time, Sreeram enjoys watching sports, going to the gym, and participating in South Asian cultural events on campus.

                                      Matin Mirramezani

                                      Director of Institutional Partnerships

                                      Matin Mirramezani, '21, is the Director of Institutional Partnerships. He joined SiG as a frosh. He is majoring in economics and minoring in global studies. Matin has worked at a polling startup and conducted research on Iran's economy at Stanford.

                                        Frances Schroeder

                                        Director of Graphic Design

                                        Frances Schroeder, ’22, is the Director of Graphic Design. After joining Stanford in Government her freshman year, Frances is excited to join the board this year and utilize her interest in graphic design. Frances is from Texarkana, Texas, and she is studying Political Science, International Relations, and French.

                                          Alex Chau

                                          Co-Director of Community Service

                                          Alex Chau, ‘22, is the Co-Director of the Community Service committee, where she served as a member during her freshman year. Alex is from New York and plans on studying International Relations with specializations in international security and economic development and world economy. Outside of Stanford in Government, she enjoys playing on the club lacrosse team and listening to classic rock music.

                                            Matthew Hamilton

                                            Co-Director of Fellowships

                                            Matthew Hamilton, '21, is Co-Director of Fellowships. A member of SIG since freshman year, he previously was a member of the State, County, and Local Fellowships Committee. Matthew is majoring in Economics and minoring in History. He has previously researched political polarization at the GSB and worked in economic consulting at Vega Economics. Outside of SIG Matthew edits Comparative Advantage, Stanford’s undergraduate economic research journal, and enjoys playing golf at the Stanford golf course. Matthew is spending fall quarter at Stanford in Washington working in the FCC's Office of Economics and Analytics.

                                              Grant Gordon

                                              Co-Director of Policy Lunches

                                              Grant Gordon, '22, is Co-Director of the Policy Lunches team. Grant began his SIG career as a member of Special Events, where he helped bring Democratic Presidential contender Tom Steyer to come to campus. Grant has worked for ONE Architecture and Urbanism, a global climate resiliency design firm, Eric Klinenberg, the Research Director of Rebuild by Design, and Colin Kahl, former National Security Advisor to Vice President Biden. He is passionate about driving engagement in high-impact policy challenges and developing technical, social, and policy solutions. He looks forward to another fantastic year of politics, people, and policy at SIG!

                                                Muskan Shafat

                                                Muskan Shafat is a Junior passionate about International Economic Development and Politics. She hails from the political conflict region of Kashmir where she learned inspiration from the mighty mountains, peace from the serene Dal lake and strength from the affable Kashmiris she grew up with. Muskan enjoys poetry — especially that in Urdu — and traditional or classical South Asian music. You would find Muskan with a book, in the squash stadium or at Zareen's.

                                                  Emma Bates

                                                  Co-Director of Policy Lunches

                                                  Emma Bates, ’22, is the Co-Director of Policy Lunches after being a member of the Public Policy Forum last year. She is studying International Relations, with a focus on International Security and Comparative Government. Outside of SIG, she is a research intern on campus, works for the ACLU’S Know Your Rights division, and spent this last summer as an intern for the New York City Criminal Court.

                                                    Lena Han

                                                    Director of Fellowships Outreach

                                                    Lena Han, ’22, is the Director of Fellowships Outreach. Having served on the DC/National Fellowships team her freshman year, she is excited to help expand and promote SIG’s fellowship and stipend opportunities. Lena is planning to major in economics and minor in political science but also enjoys exploring data journalism and art. Outside of SIG, Lena is excited to co-produce Stanford Collaborative Orchestra this year. Whenever possible, she enjoys listening to political podcasts and (attempting to) bullet journal.

                                                      June Lee

                                                      Co-Director of Diversity and Outreach

                                                      June Lee, '21, is co-director of Diversity and Outreach. She was previously director of Policy Lunches and a member of General Events, and helped to launch SIG's first politics and public policy lecture series. June is pursuing a major in International Relations and a minor in Computer Science, and is particularly interested in security policy, international law, and US defense cooperation in the Indo-Pacific. She has interned at the State Department and researched for Stanford's Center for International Security and Cooperation. Outside of SIG, June enjoys working as an IR peer advisor, practicing taekwon-do, and searching for good cafes in the area.

                                                        Antonia Hellman

                                                        Co-Director of Special Events

                                                        Antonia Hellman, '21, is co-director of Special Events alongside Sreeram Venkatarao. She joined SIG as a freshman on the Community Development committee, where she helped organize internal events in order to make SIG a tighter community. As a sophomore, she was co-director of the Civic Engagement & Community Service committee and led StanfordVotes, the campus-wide initiative to increase youth participation in elections. Antonia is pursuing a double major in Political Science and Economics. She has worked on several congressional and state campaigns, and she spent her last summer doing data analytics for a consulting firm in Washington DC. Outside of SIG, Antonia enjoys playing lacrosse, cooking, and watching movies.

                                                          Andrew Labott

                                                          Co-Director of General Events

                                                          Andrew Labott, ‘20 is the co-director of the General Events committee. After working on the Diversity and Outreach committee as a sophomore, he went on to become director of the committee last year. The most rewarding part of his work with D&O has been engaging individuals and communities in policy and politics for the first time. Andrew is majoring in Public Policy with a strong interest in health and education policy. He is passionate about research; his summer work has included education policy research in the Hoover Institute and molecular biology research in the School of Medicine.

                                                            Sana Gujral

                                                            Director of Finance

                                                            Sana Gujral, ’20, is Stanford in Government's Director of Finance. Sana is majoring in Economics with a minor in Data Science and is passionate about using data and technology as a tool to solve economic problems, focussing on inequality and poverty. She has interned for the Summer Research College, studying the accountability of multinational development banks, for SIEPR and the Clayman Institute of Gender Studies and most recently for Capital Group, as a TAP Summer Associate. Outside of SIG, she can be found singing and playing her guitar, writing songs, spending time with friends, or playing badminton.

                                                              Stephanie Shim

                                                              Director of Alumni Relations

                                                              Stephanie Shim, ’21, is the Director of Alumni Relations. She has been a part of SIG since her freshman year as a member of the Public Policy Forum (PPF) and served as the Co-Director of Community Development last year. In her role, Stephanie aims to build a robust network of SIG alumni and to cultivate strong relationships with alumni in order to foster a supportive and sustainable SIG community at large. She is double-majoring in History and International Relations with a special focus on comparative judicial systems and institutional reform across international legal frameworks. She is also interested in the complex history of the creation and interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. Outside of SIG, Stephanie serves as a Student Ambassador for the Stanford in New York program. You can also find her going on a YouTube-spree of late-night talk show clips or trying to convince her friends that “Schitt’s Creek” is one of the most underappreciated sitcoms in television.

                                                                Julia Thompson

                                                                Co-Director of Technology

                                                                Julia Thompson, ‘21, is a co-director of Technology. She was a member of the Marketing committee as a freshman and a co-director of Technology as a sophomore. She’s majoring in Aeronautics and Astronautics. Julia is involved in several other clubs on campus, including Fascinate, the Society for International Affairs at Stanford, and the Stanford Student Space Initiative. In her free time, she loves to play guitar and figure skate.

                                                                  Alexandra Hennessey

                                                                  Co-Director of Stipends

                                                                  Alexandra Hennessy, '21, is the Co-Director of Stipends. Alexandra joined SIG freshman year and has been a part of the Stipends and Fellowships team from the start. Freshman year she served as a committee member of D.C./National Fellowships and sophomore year she served as the Director of International Fellowships. She is majoring in Economics and hopes to minor in French. Outside of Stanford in Government she tutors with East Palo Alto Tennis and Tutoring (EPATT). In her free time she enjoys photography and trying new ice cream flavors.

                                                                    Joe Fenner

                                                                    Director of Fellowships

                                                                    Joe Fenner, ‘20, is the Director of Fellowships. Joe is a Senior and a third year board member, previously serving as the Director of Alumni Relations then State, County, and Local Fellowships. He is majoring in Economics with a minor in Data Science. This summer Joe was a Google Public Policy Fellow at the Technology Policy Institute where he worked primarily as a research assistant. Previously he worked in state policy at the California Council on Science and Technology and then the California Department of Finance. Joe was born at Stanford University's Lucile Packard hospital and lives in Nevada City, California.