2022 Stanford EPIC Summer Fellow: Lizzie Avila

2021 Stanford EPIC Summer Fellow: Jocelyn Thai

2020 Stanford EPIC Summer Fellow: Alain Perez

About the San Francisco Department of the Environment:

The San Francisco Department of the Environment provides solutions that protect the environment and enhance quality of life for all San Franciscans, and beyond. For more information on the Department of the Environment, visit www.SFEnvironment.org.

Toxics Reduction & Healthy Ecosystems Program Background:

The Toxics Reduction & Healthy Ecosystems Program leads a variety of programs, policies and projects, ranging from reducing the use of harmful chemicals in residential, commercial and City government settings, to supporting biodiversity and the health of the urban forest. Projects and programs we undertake at the local level often become models for scaling elsewhere! Current initiatives include:

  • eliminating the use of fluorochemicals in numerous consumer and industrial uses
  • tackling antibiotic resistance
  • protecting pollinator health
  • addressing microfiber pollution

Potential Intern Projects Might Include:

  • Researching products and identifying safer alternatives to toxic products
  • Analyzing grocer data and assisting with public reporting of antibiotics use
  • Improving our grocer reporting system for antibiotics use data
  • Conducting outreach and technical assistance to commercial businesses and residents
  • Assisting in creating policies and programs that drive the use of safer products in San Francisco
  • Drafting policy and outreach documents
  • Conducting surveys and analyzing results
  • Assisting with the Annual Urban Forestry Report

What we are looking for:

  • Data heads, you are welcome here! We would love to leverage your ability to prepare reports, spreadsheets, data and documentation for reporting information to the public.
  • Enjoy writing? We have many needs for public-facing materials including factsheets, web pages, presentations, etc.
  • Do you have phone super powers? Research by our department often involves making phone calls to a wide range of businesses, residents and other stakeholders. Those who are persistent enough to navigate a phone tree and find the right person, and then have an engaging phone voice are gold.
  • Are you confident, self-motivated and a well-organized individual?
  • Can you analyze and synthesize information from various sources?
  • Second language commonly spoken in San Francisco, especially Vietnamese, Spanish and/or Chinese.

If any or all of the above sounds like you, then join us and be a part of making the world a better place, starting in San Francisco!

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