Office Description:

Sivis Institute is a nonprofit and nonpartisan think-and-do tank located in the city of Curitiba, Brazil. Our mission is to deepen the roots of democratic values in the hearts of all Brazilians. Our “think and do” operation consists of:

  • Understanding the current state of Brazilian democratic culture through robust research, grounded in scientific methods and the discipline of systems thinking
  • Collaborating with the main actors and institutions capable of transforming our culture, collectively designing priority strategies and working to mobilize and implement them
  • Sharing the results and best practices identified in the implementation and fostering the debate on democratic values
  • Collectively learning through this process, by collecting data and evidence to assess and reflect on the impact of initiatives implemented at various levels.

Potential Projects:

We will develop a work plan for the fellowship that will combine Sivis’s main themes of work with the research and academic preferences of the student. Currently, Sivis Institute is working to foster democratic culture in Brazil by working with the following topics: (a) deliberative practices, freedom of expression and polarization; (b) education for citizenship, and (c) the development of a metric to evaluate the social component of the acronym ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) in Brazilian companies. Currently, we are defining the projects for 2023 in these areas together with different donors and funders. Among these projects under development is a partnership with Stanford Deliberative Democracy Lab so we can replicate the America in One Room project in the Brazilian context. Besides this, in the field of education for citizenship, we are currently designing a project to advance civic skills together with Positivo Educational Group, which is a large private school group in the State of Parana.

Desired Skills:

If possible, it would be highly desirable that the student fellow speaks Portuguese, as most of our current projects are developed with Portuguese speakers. Regarding the main themes, the ideal student fellow for Sivis Institute is interested in working with topics such as democratic culture, delliberative practices, freedom of expression and polarization, and education for citizenship

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