Office Description:

CDD-Ghana, founded in 1998, has become one of the leading civil society organizations on the continent focusing on democratic development in Ghana and Africa. CDD-Ghana occupies an enviable position in the promotion of good governance and democratic development in areas of public integrity strengthening and anti-corruption, independent governance institutions strengthening, broad governmental transparency and accountability, human rights, election management and observation, local government and decentralization and social accountability. The Center has a reputation for generating high quality policy relevant research, data and analysis on key challenges facing democracy, good governance and inclusive development. CDD-Ghana stands to bridge the gap between research and practice. Accordingly, the organisation translates research findings/reports into actionable policy recommendations for reforms and policy advocacy/ education. We program public education/ advocacy into most of the projects and researches we conduct. For example, as a core partner for the Afrobarometer Network, the Center engages in extensive consultations and advocacy of the Afrobarometer survey findings. The advocacy informs public discussions in the media and draw the attention of policymakers, academe and the private sector on broader national issues that require their attention. We have, in the past, worked together with other transparency and anti-corruption advocacy groups to refine a credible access to official information and whistle blower protection legislation, and with human rights and gender advocacy groups to press for the passage of credible legislation protect the rights of persons with disability and to criminalize domestic violence.

Potential Projects:

CDD-Ghana will assign the student to one of the five core program areas of the institution- political and constitutional governance, economic and corporate governance; justice, peace and security; social inclusion and equity; and civil society and media. The assignment of the student fellow to any of the above stated program areas depends on the interest of the student and the availability of project. Notwithstanding, the student fellow is expected to publish a paper on a relevant subject related to democracy and governance in Ghana using Ghana specific data.

Desired Skills:

Strong analytical/writing skills and attention to details.

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