Summer 2022 Fellow: Sarah MacHarg, ’24

Office Description

The EAI was established as an independent think-tank dedicated to developing ideas and formulating policy recommendations on the main challenges facing the region. Through hosting scholarly seminars, forums, education program and various publications it can achieve these aims in creating influential products. The EAI is conducting research activities along with six major projects, which are conducted by the eight research centers. Also through the utilization of the research task force team, the EAI addresses imminent and critical issues. In this way by working together with recognized scholars and leading policymakers, the EAI is at the center of producing research outcomes reflecting innovation and influential policy debate. As one of the leading think-tanks in Korea, the EAI is fulfilling the way in forming a true knowledge-net community in Northeast Asia by setting up a system of joint research and scholarly exchanges in the U.S., China, and Taiwan as well as many other countries.

Potential Projects

EAI tries to match intern’s research interest with ongoing projects in the organization. Possible projects that interns will be able to work for are as follows:

  • Global NK
  • Asia Democracy Research Network
  • Strengthening Civil Society Organizations in Myanmar
  • Korea-Japan Relations Research Projects

Responsibilities may include:

  • Researching and compiling materials (articles, news, etc.) on current affairs and issues related to East Asia.
  • Assisting staff with institute events, conferences and meetings
  • Editing and translations
  • Listening to and reporting, creating summary reports after different events
  • Creating multimedia and promotional graphics for East Asia Institute events

Desired Skills

This internship is open to all undergraduate students who are currently studying political science, international relations, economics, sociology, or public administration. *High level proficiency in English is a requirement and PC skills are also necessary. A high level of proficiency in Korean is preferred, but not required.

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