Our Board

Alexis Kallen

Alexis Kallen, '18, is the Chair of Stanford in Government. Alexis began SIG as a member of the Public Policy Forum (PPF), and went on to serve as Director of Community Service and then Vice Chair of Programming. Throughout her summers, Alexis has worked on Capitol Hill with her congresswoman, conducted independent research on gender-based violence amongst refugees in Rwanda, and, most recently, worked at an international law firm in Hong Kong that helps refugees seek asylum. She is very passionate about creating space for more underrepresented voices in government and strengthening the community of people at Stanford interested in using their lives to help others through policy work. She is especially excited to serve as a mentor for many younger SIG members from this role next year and encourages anyone to reach out to her that would like to speak about SIG and policy as public service. Alexis is a 2017 Harry S. Truman Scholar with majors in Political Science and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and minors in Human Rights and Spanish. Alexis will be writing a thesis this year with the Center for Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law.

    Kendra Ritterhern

    Kendra Ritterhern, '18, is the Vice Chair of Operations. Kendra previously served as the Director of Community Development. She is majoring in International Relations and has a minor in Economics, and has passions for both international security and financial stability. Kendra has spent her summers working on nuclear policy and now monetary policy as she interned at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Kendra will be writing a CISAC honors thesis about the intersection of Weapons of Mass Destruction and 3D Printing. She is very excited to work to foster an inclusive environment within SIG and raise awareness of all issues along the political and policy spectrum. Outside of SIG, Kendra likes to hike, scuba dive, and pet dogs. You can catch her alongside Lucy next year catching up on her WAYS requirements and dedicating all her efforts to SIG.

      Lucy Oyer

      Lucy Oyer, '18, is Vice Chair of Fellowships and Stipends. She joined SIG as a freshman, and has served on various committees since. Lucy's passion for Fellowships and Stipends was inspired by her experience as a SIG fellow after her freshman year, when she worked at Phandeeyar, a technology and civil society hub in Yangon, Myanmar. Lucy is an Economics major and is writing her Honors Thesis under the CDDRL program on Chinese overseas energy infrastructure development, an interest that was sparked by her time as an intern at the US Embassy in Beijing last summer. In her free time, Lucy likes to hang out and ski in Tahoe, preferably with her dog Josie close by. On campus, Lucy is a member of the Stanford Debate Society, and is also way behind on her WAYS requirements so you can catch her in "Introduction to Science," or something like that this year.

        Meredith Manda

        Meredith Manda, '19, is the Vice Chair of Communications. Meredith previously served as the Co-Director of SIG's Public Policy Forum, and she recently participated in the Haas Center's Public Service Leadership Program. Meredith is majoring in Political Science and has spent the last two summers doing research through Stanford's Political Psychology Research Group, this summer as the lab coordinator. When she's not at the Haas Center, you can find Meredith coaching high school debate, leading trips through Stanford Outdoor Education, or hanging out in Otero where she is a freshman RA.

          Gabby Levikow

          Gabby Levikow, ’18, is the Vice Chair of Programming, and previously served as the Director of General Events. She is majoring in History and minoring in Political Science, and she is most interested in nuclear weapons policy and US-Russia relations. She is also writing a CISAC honors thesis on the effects of ballistic missile defense systems on strategic stability. Gabby has interned at the Nuclear Threat Initiative and the Carnegie Endowment in Washington, D.C., and spent last summer at a think tank in Tbilisi, Georgia researching Russia’s hybrid warfare in Eastern Europe; she participated in the Stanford in Washington and Stanford in Paris programs. Besides discussing nuclear weapons and current events, Gabby also enjoys watching movies and drinking Coupa chai lattes.

            Joe Fenner

            Joe Fenner, '20, is the Chair of the Alumni Relations Committee. Joe is entering his second year in both Stanford in Government and this Committee. In his first year he worked on alumni outreach including an alumni database and other networking activities. He is currently an undeclared sophomore and intending on majoring in Management Science & Engineering. This summer he worked as a legislative intern California Council for Science and Technology where he tracked and wrote briefs on California state science policy. Joe was born at Stanford University's Lucile Packard hospital and lives in Nevada City, California.

              Esther Yoon

              Esther Yoon, '18, is the Director of Faculty Relations for SIG. She has been a member since freshman year, starting in PPF and moving on to Strategic Planning and International Fellowships. Esther is majoring in political science and minoring in human biology. During her junior year, she studied abroad in Madrid and also participated in Stanford in Washington. She has worked at Accenture in South Korea in addition to the World Bank and American Bar Association in D.C.

                Blaire Hunter

                Blaire Hunter, '18, is co-director of Strategic Planning for Stanford in Government. She became involved in SIG her freshman year through the Public Policy Forum, and has since worked on Stipends and Fellowships. Blaire is majoring in Economics and Earth Systems. She worked on fisheries issues with state government in Alaska and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in D.C. This summer she is working on an independent project about the development of salmon farming in British Columbia, Norway, and Chile.

                  Sarah Goodman

                  Sarah Goodman, '20, is the co-chair of the Diversity and Outreach committee, which she was a member of last year. She has been actively involved in SIG's work in outreach, and is also involved with other political groups on campus like J-Street U. She is majoring in International Relations with a minor in Spanish, and is particularly interested in the economic development and potential of South America. She has spent her past two summers learning Spanish and subsequently interning at a civil rights NGO in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In terms of her committee, Sarah aims to emphasize diversity of both identity and ideology in terms of what SIG presents, and believes deeply in the power of meaningful collaboration to build inter-organizational connections.

                    Vivan Malkani

                    Vivan Malkani, '19, is the Director of Policy Lunches. This is his third year with SIG, having been a part of the Public Policy Forum and Special Events teams in the past. Vivan is majoring in political science, concentrating in political economy and data science. He is interested in political philosophy, earth systems, poverty alleviation and is currently learning Chinese! A SLE kid and proud, Vivan will be returning to East-Flo this year to serve as an RA at Faisan. Talk to him if you want to find out more about Summer Research College or interning at D.C.; he is working with a non-profit called the Asia Foundation this summer. Soccer, Bananagrams and frisbee are good ways to get to know him!

                      Sofia Patino Duque

                      Sofia Patino Duque, ’20, is the Director of Community Development alongside Ana Cabera. Joining SIG as a freshman, Sofia was part of the Public Policy Forum (PPF) where she helped market PPF events such as “The Oval Office” and a mock 2016 presidential debate for hundreds of Stanford students. While she enjoys learning about American politics, she also has an interest in Europe. She plans to be an International Relations major with a European Studies minor. In addition to her work with SIG, she has worked closely with the Baha’I international Community at the United Nations (BIC). At the BIC, she researched Global Citizenship Education under UN Representative Saphira Rameshfar. Outside of the political sphere, she is on the Stanford Equestrian Team and a member of the Sophomore Cabinet for the Class of 2020.

                        Terence Zhao

                        Terence Zhao, '19, is the Director of Diversity and Outreach. Having been a member of Stanford in Government since freshman year, he has previously served as the Director of Graphic Design. Terence is an Urban Studies major, with a particular focus on the design and social sustainability of cities. He also writes for the Stanford Daily. Over the past few years, he has done urban sustainability research with Disney and worked for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA).


                          Lark Wang

                          Lark Wang, '20, will be Director of Marketing starting winter quarter. She was previously a member of the State and Local Fellowships team. Lark also serves on Stanford's Undergraduate Senate. She is a prospective history and math major from San Diego, CA. She has been a Markaz Frosh Intern and member of Frosh Council, and worked as a research assistant at Stanford. Lark has also worked as a Deputy Field Organizer in local city council and congressional campaigns and as an intern at the Office of California State Senator Marty Block and the Office of San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

                            Chapman Caddell

                            Chapman Caddell, ’20, is Stanford in Government's Director of Finance. A member of the operations team from the beginning, Chapman has served as SIG's Director of Finance since his freshman spring. Outside of SIG, he is representing the student body in his first term as an ASSU Undergraduate Senator. Last summer, he worked in Northern Virginia on Ralph Northam's campaign for governor. Chapman is—at least for now—majoring and minoring in some combination of philosophy and economics.

                              Andrew Dallakoti

                              Andrew Dallakoti, '20, is the Director of Technology of Stanford in Government. He interned for the political think tank The Centennial Institute in 2014. This summer, Andrew earned a fellowship for ELPASO, a nonprofit aiming to close the education achievement gap among Latinx students in Boulder, CO. He's also passionate about environmental issues, attending a Sophomore College seminar in Tanzania. Andrew's undeclared, but considering Mathematics and Bioengineering. Additionally, Andrew serves as the Assistant Financial Officer on Stanford's debate team.

                                Isaiah Drummond

                                Isaiah Drummond, '20, is the Director of State, County, & Local Fellowships. Isaiah is entering his second year in both Stanford in Government and this Committee. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and hopes to work in the Energy Sector to help move the country towards a broader acceptance of alternative energy. During his first year, Isaiah worked as a public policy intern on the New Jersey Gubernatorial Campaign and helped push civil service reform as a main issue in the general election. Outside of SIG, he can be found having late-night discussions with friends, shooting some hoops on the basketball court, or binge-watching Netflix shows.

                                  Andrew Lokay

                                  Andrew Lokay, ’20, is serving as the Director of Graphic Design for SIG this year. He has not yet declared his major but intends to study Political Science and French. His interests include international security, art history, the politics of cultural heritage, and French literature. This past summer, he worked as an intern at UNESCO in Paris, France, focusing on the World Heritage program. He has previously interned at the State Department and worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Prior to coming to Stanford, Andrew was active in Northern Virginia politics and was a delegate to the 2016 Virginia State Democratic Convention. In his free time, Andrew enjoys reading, binge-watching murder mystery shows on Netflix, and making cheesecake.

                                    Rachel Vaughan

                                    Rachel Vaughan, ‘20, is the Director of SIG’s Community Service Committee. A sophomore hailing from San Antonio, Texas, she is trying to figure out if it’s possible to major in about a dozen different areas, including Art History, Human Biology, and English. Tutoring through the Haas Center’s education partnership, Ravenswood Reads, has been a highlight of her Stanford experience so far; she also works to increase school spirit in her capacity as a member of the Stanford Student Alumni Council. She is passionate about service, having spent the past summer on a Cardinal Quarter fellowship working at a small nonprofit, and is fascinated by the potential of policy to improve people’s lives. Rachel’s long-term goals include keeping track of her student ID and creating a more just and sustainable world.

                                      Sam Feineh

                                      Samuel Feineh, Class of 2019, is from Sacramento, California, and is majoring in Political Science with a focus in International Relations and Justice & Law. Sam currently serves as the Director of Special Events, the arm of SIG that brings in high-caliber public servants to campus. Sam's work is multi-faceted. He leads his team to seek out and organize programming while also maintaining relationships with faculty and student groups. This year, Sam is focused on developing robust relationships with student groups from the ground-up to create exciting programming opportunities. Sam formerly served as Director of Policy Lunches in SIG and worked to create smaller and more intimate events with public servants from around the world. During his freshman year, Sam worked in the Diversity and Outreach committee within SIG. While in the newly formed committee, he spearheaded an event about the intersection of race and policy that featured three well-known civil rights activists: former president of the NAACP Ben Jealous, community organizer DeRay McKesson, and community organizer Charlene Carruthers. In his free time, he's probably binge-watching old TV shows or attempting to freestyle over some beats. He hopes to attend law school and have a life-long career in public service.

                                        Olivia Martin

                                        Olivia Martin, ’19, is the Co-Director of General Events. Olivia is passionate about government accountability, civic engagement, and education policy. This past summer Olivia worked at USAFacts, a start-up seeking to stimulate more fact-driven debates by making government data more accessible to citizens, journalists, and policymakers. Olivia is majoring in Public Policy and Economics and is also a research assistant at the Stanford Institute of Economic Policy Research (SIEPR).

                                          Lucas Andres Rodriguez

                                          Lucas Rodriguez, '19', is the co-director of Stanford in Government's stipend program. A member of the group since freshman year, he previously co-directed the Public Policy Forum, the same committee he was on when he first joined SIG. Lucas is double-majoring in Political Science and Economics. He has worked in his hometown of Miami as an intern in the regional office of Senator Bill Nelson. Additionally, he spent time in Washington D.C. working for The Boston Consulting Group and most recently for Senator Nelson's office on the hill while participating in Stanford in Washington.

                                            Tinuola Dada

                                            Tinuola Dada, ’19, is Director of Marketing and was previously co-Director of Diversity and Outreach. She is an International Relations major specializing in Social Development and Human Well-Being and Africa. This past summer, she participated in an overseas seminar in Madrid, interned at a human rights NGO called Access Now through a Stanford in Government fellowship, and volunteered at the Riker’s Debate Project. In addition to her involvement in SIG, she is an Editor for a student-run activist publication called STATIC, is Education Director for Stanford Women in Politics and is involved with the Handa Center. She is passionate about human rights and hopes to pursue a career in international justice.

                                              Riya Mehta

                                              Riya Mehta ’18 will be one of the Directors of Strategic Planning. A member of SIG since her freshman year, she was previously the Director of the Public Policy Forum. Riya is majoring in Earth Systems, and she is passionate about global food security and sustainable agriculture. She is writing a senior thesis through Stanford’s Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, exploring the impact of smallholder irrigation as a strategy for sustainable development. As a junior, she participated in Stanford’s Wrigley Field Program, studying the biology, ecology, and anthropology of the Hawaiian Islands. She has previously interned at the United Nations World Food Programme in Rome, Italy, and this past summer, she was the SIG Fellow at the Landesa Rural Development Institute in Seattle, Washington. Outside of academics, Riya enjoys volunteering at the Stanford Educational Farm and practicing and teaching yoga.

                                                Bryan Metzger

                                                Bryan Metzger, '20 is the Director of Social Media and Websites. He is currently undecided, but likely to major in International Relations. His past political and governmental experience includes serving as a page in the US Senate, working as the field director for a state house campaign, and interning this past summer in Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham's Albuquerque office. In addition to being a member of SIG, Bryan is also a member of the Society for International Affairs at Stanford and the Stanford Democrats. In his free time, Bryan enjoys traveling, running, and reading about politics.

                                                  Gabrielle Torrance

                                                  Gabrielle Torrance, '20, is the Director of National/D.C. Fellowships. A member of the SIG International Fellowships committee her freshman year, Gabrielle attended the Hoover Institute Summer Policy Boot Camp in August 2017. She is undecided on a major but considering public policy, economics, or similar. Elsewhere on campus, she is a consultant for Stanford Students in Applied Research, with which she completed a project relating to the U.S. renewable energy market, and she worked as the Religious Life Community Coordinator for 2017 New Student Orientation. Off campus, Gabrielle is heavily involved in her family’s farming operation and currently serves as President of the Illinois Junior Hereford Association.

                                                    Bryce Tuttle

                                                    Bryce Tuttle, '20, is the co-director of the Public Policy Forum (PPF). After being a member of PPF his freshman year, Bryce joins Michael Swerdlow to lead the committee this year. Outside of SIG, he serves as the president of Power2ACT, an advocacy organization for students with disabilities on campus, and sits on the ASSU Executive cabinet as the co-lead on disability. Bryce is majoring in Political Science with a minor in history and is especially interested in the application of game theory to politics. This past summer Bryce interned in the DC office of Senator Dianne Feinstein, mainly working on economic policy issues. For the previous two summers, he interned at an immigration legal aid organization in Chicago. For fun, Bryce enjoys walking way too fast and drinking unreasonable amounts of coffee.

                                                      Marin Callaway

                                                      Marin Callaway, '18, is co-Director of Strategic Planning. She previously was Director of Alumni Relations and a member of the Public Policy Forum. Marin is majoring in International Relations and minoring in Spanish. She is also writing an honors thesis this year with the Center for Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law honors program. On campus, Marin works as a Peer Advisor for International Relations and is part of the Jewish Social Justice Collective. Off campus, Marin has worked as an FSI fellow at the Institute for Economics and Peace in Sydney and an intern at the US Department of State in DC. This school year she is also working at the San Mateo County Court as a member of JusticeCorps.

                                                        Grace Romer

                                                        Grace Romer, '20, will serve as a Co-Director of Stipends and was previously on the State/Local Fellowships committee. She is from Denver, CO and plans to declare a major in Human Biology or Public Policy. Grace's other favorite activities include being a Stanford tour guide, spending time outdoors and synchronized swimming.

                                                          Ana Cabrera

                                                          Ana Cabrera, ’20, is the Co-Director of Community Development. As a freshman she was part of SIG’s Public Policy Forum, where she took part in events such as the Oval Office, Trump Policy Forum, and We The People Day. She recently declared Public Policy as her major with a concentration on Educational Policy and hopes to later attend Law School in order to work on educational legislation. In her free time she enjoys reminiscing about the Miami weather, binge-watching Netflix, and perfecting her Cuban coffee making skills.