Our Board

Meredith Manda

Meredith Manda, '19, is the Vice Chair of Communications. Meredith previously served as the Co-Director of SIG's Public Policy Forum, and she recently participated in the Haas Center's Public Service Leadership Program. Meredith is majoring in Political Science and has spent the last two summers doing research through Stanford's Political Psychology Research Group, this summer as the lab coordinator. When she's not at the Haas Center, you can find Meredith coaching high school debate, leading trips through Stanford Outdoor Education, or hanging out in Otero where she is a freshman RA.

    Stephanie Shim

    Stephanie Shim, Class of 2021, is the Co-Director of Community Development. Having joined Stanford in Government since her freshman year as a member of the Public Policy Forum (PPF), Stephanie is looking forward to serving the robust community that is SIG. Her work focuses on building strong leadership, developing social programs, and fostering inclusivity so every member feels welcome. Stephanie is planning on majoring in (read: vacillating between) Political Science, International Relations, and Communication with a minor somewhere in this laundry list. Not unlike her shifting interests, Stephanie has moved around quite a bit before coming to Stanford; after a handful of intra- and intercontinental transitions, she appreciates her rather nomadic background and the diverse perspectives she had encountered. Stephanie is interested in exploring long-held debates surrounding the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and analyzing comparative justice systems and judicial reforms. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys writing in any form, late-night “intellectual” chats arguing over the best comedy show in history, and trying out different characters with her friends under the poor excuse of producing her own sitcom. She hopes you find SIG as another home within your home at Stanford!

      Bryan Metzger

      Bryan Metzger, '20 is the Director of History and Institutional Knowledge. He is an International Relations major interested in international security and the Middle East. A member of SIG since freshman year, Bryan previously served as the Director of Social Media. His past political and governmental experience includes serving as a page in the US Senate, working as the field director for a state house campaign, and interning in Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham's Albuquerque office. This past summer, he interned at the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence in Riga, Latvia. In his free time, Bryan enjoys traveling, running, reading about politics, and struggling to learn Arabic.

        Grace Anderson

        Grace Anderson, '19, is Director of Marketing and has been a member of the Comms team since Freshman year. She is majoring in International Relations and minoring in Italian. She is also pursuing an honors thesis in IR next year on UN humanitarian interventions. On campus, Grace works in Dr. Condoleezza Rice's office at the Hoover Institution and is a member of Stanford's Judicial Panel Committee. Grace has previously worked in Rome at the Center for American Studies, the State Department in the UN Political Affairs Office, and most recently at the International Rescue Committee.

          Terence Zhao

          Terence Zhao, '19, is the Director of Diversity and Outreach. Having been a member of Stanford in Government since freshman year, he has previously served as the Director of Graphic Design. Terence is an Urban Studies major, with a particular focus on the design and social sustainability of cities. He also writes for the Stanford Daily. Over the past few years, he has done urban sustainability research with Disney and worked for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA).


            Elena Shao

            Elena Shao, '21, is the Director of Graphic Design for SIG this year. She has interests in Political Science, International Relations, foreign language study, journalism and the arts, but has no clue how she can combine these into one major. She has worked in her hometown as an intern and volunteer for several congressional campaigns, and hopes to work in a career that lets her travel and talk about politics.

              Michael Swerdlow

              Hi, I'm Michael! I don't have a bio yet, but will soon!

                Ben Paladino

                Ben Paladino ’21 is the director of social media. Ben began SIG as a member of the Public Policy Forum (PPF) and is very excited to help spread the word about the SIG community. During his summers, Ben has worked in media relations for Baylor Scott & White, a nonprofit healthcare system in Texas, as well as customer insights and advertising for American Airlines. Ben is very excited to help focus campus attention on voting in this year’s midterm elections as well as increasing engagement for Stanford in Government in general.

                  Maggie Roache

                  Maggie Roache ‘21 is the Chair of the Alumni Relations Committee, a committee she was a member of last year. On campus, she helps produce videos on women in tech for she++, tutors middle schoolers from East Palo Alto, and assists with research on immigration policy from 1890 to present day. She spent this past summer interning for Senator Dick Durbin while continuing the immigration policy research part time.

                    Sarah Goodman

                    Hi, I'm Sarah! I don't have a bio yet, but will soon!

                      Sofia Patino Duque

                      Sofia Patino Duque, ’20, is the Director of Special Events alongside Gabby Conforti. Joining SIG as a freshman, Sofia was part of the Public Policy Forum (PPF) where she helped market PPF events such as “The Oval Office” and a mock 2016 presidential debate for hundreds of Stanford students. While she enjoys learning about American politics, her specialization lies in Europe. Sofia is pursuing a BA in History and minors in European and German Studies. In addition to her work with SIG, she has worked closely with the Baha’I International Community at the United Nations (BIC) and has worked abroad in Berlin at the Europäische Akademie Berlin. Outside of the political sphere, she is on the Stanford Equestrian Team and a tutor for the Ravenswood Reads program through the Haas Center.

                        Lucas Andres Rodriguez

                        Lucas Rodriguez, '19', is the co-director of Stanford in Government's stipend program. A member of the group since freshman year, he previously co-directed the Public Policy Forum, the same committee he was on when he first joined SIG. Lucas is double-majoring in Political Science and Economics. He has worked in his hometown of Miami as an intern in the regional office of Senator Bill Nelson. Additionally, he spent time in Washington D.C. working for The Boston Consulting Group and most recently for Senator Nelson's office on the hill while participating in Stanford in Washington.

                          Gabby Conforti

                          Gabby Conforti, class of 2021, is co-director of Special Events. She was a member of the committee last year, and is so excited to spend her second year in SIG co-leading it! She is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Middle Eastern Languages, Literatures and Cultures. She is particularly interested in international security and human rights practices in the Middle East. She spent her last summer researching the CIA at Stanford’s Center for International Security and Cooperation. This year, Gabby is looking forward to hosting speakers who represent a diverse array of backgrounds and beliefs. Outside of SIG, Gabby enjoys boxing, reading, and spending time with friends at Coupa.

                            Olivia Martin

                            Olivia Martin, ’19, is the Chair of Stanford in Government. Olivia began in SIG as a member of
                            the new Community Service committee, and went on to serve as Director of Community Service
                            and later Co-Director of General Events. Throughout her summers, Olivia has worked for the
                            California Department of Education on K-12 education policy, for the USAFacts institute, a civic-
                            tech non-profit, and most recently, for the Boston Consulting Group as a summer associate. She
                            is passionate about using data and technology to improve the efficiency and efficacy of
                            government, creating space for more underrepresented voices in government, and removing
                            barriers to voter participation. She is particularly grateful to the mentors and friends she has
                            found throughout her years in SIG and is excited to serve as a mentor to many younger SIG
                            members from this role. She encourages anyone to reach out to her about SIG, policy as public
                            service, voter engagement, or other topics. Olivia is majoring in Economics and will be writing
                            an honors thesis through the Economics department.

                              June Lee

                              June Lee, '21, is the Director of Policy Lunches and previously served as a member of General Events. She is excited about creating more opportunities to critically discuss a broad range of policy areas through the policy lunches. June is pursuing a major in International Relations and a minor in Computer Science, and is passionately interested in the intersection of international security and technology. This past summer, she researched militant organizations and their networks through Stanford's Summer Research College. Outside of SIG, you can find June helping to organize Stanford's high school Model UN conference or practicing taekwon-do.

                                Andrew Lokay

                                Andrew Lokay, ’20, is the Vice Chair of Communications. In his previous years with Stanford in Government, he served as the Director of Graphic Design and as a member of the Public Policy Forum. He is pursuing a double major in International Relations and French. This past summer, he worked as an intern for the Antiquities Coalition, a nonprofit focused on combatting antiquities trafficking, and in the office of U.S. Senator Mark Warner of Virginia. In previous years, he has held internships at UNESCO in Paris, France, and at the State Department. His interests include international security, art history, cultural heritage, and literature. In his free time, Andrew enjoys reading, binge-watching murder mystery shows on Netflix, and attempting French baking recipes.

                                  Emily Katz

                                  Hi, I'm Emily! I don't have a bio yet, but will soon!

                                    Ana Cabrera

                                    Ana Cabrera, 20', is the Vice Chair of Operations. Ana previously served as the Co-Director of Community Development, after joining SIG her freshman year as a member of the Public Policy Forum (PPF). She is majoring in Public Policy with a concentration on Educational Policy, and has passions for K-12 education, Cuban-US relations, and immigration policy. In her free time you can catch her brewing her Cuban espresso, advising everyone to study abroad in Madrid, and hanging around with her first year residents in Soto!

                                      Elena Crespo

                                      Elena Crespo, ’20, is the Director of General Events alongside Emily Katz. After joining SIG in her sophomore year, Elena was a member of the Special Events committee where she aided in bringing high-profile public servants, such as Ambassador Susan Rice, Alicia Garza, and Carmen Perez, to campus. She is a political science major pursuing a minor in human rights. Her passion lays in addressing political and educational inequalities in Latin America In pursuit of this goal, she spent last summer working for the Brazilian nonprofit Instituto Atuação, an organization aimed at addressing deficit in democratic culture at the local government level. On campus, she is also a member of Stanford Mock Trial and Ram’s Head Theatrical Society.

                                        Sam Feineh

                                        Samuel Feineh, Class of 2019, is from Sacramento, California, and is majoring in Political Science with a focus in International Relations and Justice & Law. Sam currently serves as the Vice-Chair of programming within SIG. In this role, he leads a team of 9 students who in turn manage over 60 general members. He supervises five distinct committees: policy lunches, general events, special events, public policy forum, and voter registration/community service. In each committee, he coordinates with his team to brainstorm, develop, and execute programming within a $25,000+ budget. He's also helping execute a voter registration effort to boost undergraduate student voter rates by over 40% ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. Sam has previously served as the Director of Special Events, the arm of SIG that brings in high-caliber public servants to campus, as well as Director of Policy Lunches, a forum for intimate discussion with notable guests on a variety of policy issues. During his freshman year, Sam worked in the Diversity and Outreach committee within SIG. While in the newly formed committee, he spearheaded an event about the intersection of race and policy that featured three well-known civil rights activists: former president of the NAACP Ben Jealous, community organizer DeRay McKesson, and community organizer Charlene Carruthers. In his free time, he's probably binge-watching old TV shows or attempting to freestyle over some beats. He hopes to attend law school and have a life-long career in public service.

                                          Lauren Nolan

                                          Lauren Nolen, ’21, is the co-director of the Public Policy Forum (PPF). Lauren is from Palo Alto, California and is planning to major in Earth Systems with a focus on Human Environmental Systems. Lauren is passionate about environmental policy, particularly in relation to federal public lands and general climate change mitigation. She has previously conducted research in Greenland on the implications of glacial melt on Greenlandic society, and has also presented at meetings of the American Geophysical Union. In her free time she enjoys creative writing and hiking.

                                            Grace Romer

                                            Grace Anderson, '19, is Director of Marketing and has been a member of the Comms team since Freshman year. She is majoring in International Relations and minoring in Italian. She is also pursuing an honors thesis in IR next year on UN humanitarian interventions. On campus, Grace works in Dr. Condoleezza Rice's office at the Hoover Institution and is a member of Stanford's Judicial Panel Committee. Grace has previously worked in Rome at the Center for American Studies, the State Department in the UN Political Affairs Office, and most recently at the International Rescue Committee.

                                              Maia Brockbank

                                              Maia Brockbank, '21, is the co-director of SIG's Public Policy Forum, more fondly known as PPF. Maia holds this position with pride, as a member of PPF her freshman year. Maia is majoring in Political Science with a possible minor in American Studies. Maia spent her first Stanford Summer on a SIG Stipend working in Washington, DC at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, and also has experience working on a variety of political campaigns and in D.C. for her U.S. Senator, Michael Bennet. Maia is also a West Wing fiend and loves to talk to anyone and everyone about it!

                                                Sana Gujral

                                                Sana Gujral, ’20, is Stanford in Government's Director of Finance. Sana is double majoring in Economics and Mathematical and Computational Science (MCS) and is passionate about using data science as a tool to solve economic problems, focussing on inequality and poverty. Talk to her if you want to learn about Summer Research College (SRC), or working at Stanford Institute of Economic Policy Research (SIEPR)! Outside of SIG, she can be found singing and playing her guitar, writing songs, having discussions with friends, or playing badminton.

                                                  Alexandra Hennessey

                                                  Alexandra Hennessy, '21, is the Director of International Fellowships. Last year, she served as a committee member for National/D.C. Fellowships. She will most likely major in either Economics or Public Policy. Outside of Stanford in Government she tutors with East Palo Alto Tennis and Tutoring (EPATT) and is a member of Partners in Health Engage.

                                                    Julia Thompson

                                                    Julia Thompson, '21, is a Co-Director of Technology. She has previously been a member of the Marketing committee. She is majoring in chemistry, symbolic systems, and political science, with a minor in math. She is involved in several other student groups on campus.

                                                      Holden Foreman

                                                      Holden Foreman ’21 is Director of National/D.C. Fellowships, the same committee in which he served as a member during frosh year. Holden is planning to major in electrical engineering and economics, although he is also interested in environmental law. Over the summer, Holden interned in the Emissions Compliance, Automotive Regulations and Science (ECARS) Division of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), where he presented a report on international use of low-emission zones and similar policies to restrict or tax use of high-polluting vehicles in cities. His research included speaking with representatives from other countries to gather information on how low-emission zones may work in California. Holden’s favorite hobbies include running and carefully curating his Spotify playlists.

                                                        Andrew Labott

                                                        Andrew Labott, ‘20 is the co-chair of Diversity and Outreach committee, which he was a member of last year. He became involved in SIG his sophomore year, where he worked to strengthen partnerships between SIG and other student organizations. Andrew is majoring in Public Policy with a strong interest in health and education policy. This summer he conducted research at the Hoover Institute, focusing on education policy and student achievement.

                                                          Joe Fenner

                                                          Joe Fenner, '20, is the Director of State, County, & Local Fellowships. Joe is a Junior and a second year board member, having been the director of alumni relations last year. He is an Economics major with an intended minor in Data Science. This summer Joe was placed in a SIG fellowship at the California Department of Finance where he researched state special education policy. Joe was born at Stanford University's Lucile Packard hospital and lives in Nevada City, California.

                                                            Isaiah Drummond

                                                            Isaiah Drummond '20, is the co-director of Diversity and Outreach (D&O). After being a member of State, County, & Local Fellowships his first year, Isaiah went on to become the director of the committee the following year. This year Isaiah joins Andrew Labott to lead Diversity and Outreach. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Spanish, and he hopes to work in the Energy Sector to move the world to a sustainable future. While during his first year Isaiah worked on a gubernatorial campaign in New Jersey, he spent this past summer working for Chevron and learning how the Oil and Gas industry is tackling climate change. Outside of SIG, Isaiah can be found as an RA in Meier, a tour guide for the visitor's center, involved in religious life on campus, or having late night conversations with friends.

                                                              Avery Pierce

                                                              Avery Pierce, ’20, is Co-Director of Stipends after being a member of the Stipends committee last year. She is majoring in International Relations with specializations in International Security and Global Economy and Development. On campus, Avery is a Stanford tour guide and a member of the club water polo team. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and all outdoor activities including failing to learn how to surf.